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Items for sale :

Please note our stock is continualy changing so please contact us for further details about an item you have seen listed or for something not listed but you are looking for, the chances are we can help. We can provide all your needs for shooting supplies – please ask us first.

Please note we are now stockists for the quick release cylinder latches for Ruger Old Army, £90.00

Also now stocking Ruger original cylinder latches,                                                                   £90.00










Also Slix nipples for Uberti and Ruger, price £66.00 per set.







Stainless followers for lever action rifles, all makes. Small calibre.                                                   £20.00

”               ”                   ”                   ”                  Large calibre.                                                        £

Wild West followers                                                                                                                            £32.00

Wild West Happy Triggers                                                                                                                  £125.00

Typical prices – Prices may change please enquire for latest prices

CCI S/G primers £5.50 for 100, £50.00 per 1000

Cheddite S/G primers £5.50 per hundred, £50.00 per thousand.

12G cartridges from £4.00 per box of 25

Ramshot powder ring for price.

Vectron powder ring for price.

GM3 powder ring for price.

For bullet heads, primers and powders. Please ring for price.

Balls from £24.00 per 100

Heads from £6.50 per 100

.455 Webley hollow base heads, ring for price.

.38/.55 heads, ring for price.

We now stock conical bullet heads for muzzle loading pistols. Please ring for price. From £12.00 per 100+

We can supply various head, primers and powders. Please check to see if we can help you.

We load most obscure calibres by request.

Original replacement nipples for Uberti and Pietas.                                                                            £3.00 each                        ”             ”        ”    Ruger                                                                                                 £8.00 each

Shotgun Primer Nipples – £10.00 each – £60.00 for set.

Convert your revolvers to shoot with shotgun primers. Just screw in the new one’s. No gunsmithing required.  No more caps falling off and jamming the action.   Please state the make of pistol when ordering.

Now stocking Lee 1000 loading presses

To view larger image of photo’s just click on the image.

Pistol Grips white, ivory and imitation horn. Custom made for all makes and models.              Set £65.00








Hand of God

jigged bone







Numerous spare cylinders for Uberti, Pietta pistols. All models. From                                                £50.00

Slightly used cylinders                                                                                                               From £25.00

As above but for Ruger old army stainless and blue.                                                                        £100.00

Nitro converted cylinders from                                                                                                 Used  £150.00

Nitro converted cylinders from                                                                                                 New   £400.00

Vortex Scopes now in stock please ring for price.

Leopold VX3 5.5 x 25 x 50 scope. 30mm tube, as new                                                                    £600.00

Trigger and action jobs available for any Marlin, Rossi and Uberti rifle. Feel the difference in your rifle and revolver when the action can be worked with one finger.                                                            from  £75.00

Action job for muzzle loading pistols                                                                                           from  £60.00

Reloading equipment and ammunition available. Special cowboy loads in stock.

Holsters and leather work in stock or to order. Both new and second hand from                                 £30.00

Holsters and belts by Six Gunsmith.                                                                                                  £300.00


Belt                                                                                                       £100.00

Holster                                                                                                  £60.00

Ammo pouch                                                                                        £50.00

Shotgun slide                                                                                       £45.00

















Various second hand scopes                                                                                              from     £60.00

Cowboy clothing.

Waistcoat                                                                                                                               from £35.00  Trousers                                                                                                                                from £30.00      Shirts                                                                                                                                     from £25.00

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